Ceiling and Lighting

When we plan our kitchens, we take care of every detail: the lights and ceiling are no exception. It would be easy to think these could be added as an afterthought, but here at Kitchen Tailor we know how a light scheme can either subtly enhance or liven up a room's atmosphere and it's just as important to get your canvas: the expanse of ceiling, to a faultless finish.

The first step towards priming the ceiling area is to overboard it with new, precision cut plasterboard which is then scrimmed to prevent fault-lines appearing. This is then coated with a double layer of smooth plaster to produce a crisp, professional base to apply the paint.

We plan the lights to be in the optimium position for both functionality and dramatic effect and where possible, making use of all the four lighting types:

Thanks to our 3D CAD models, you will be able to fully imagine how the finished light system will look, as well as have your say on where the lights will be placed to get the effects you want.

Here at Kitchen Tailor we work towards the perfect solution for you and also for the environment by using LED bulbs. In the past this lighting has had some bad press; they tend to cost around six times as much as halogens and early models only gave off a weak, cold, blueish light. Nowadays this is far from the case: LED lights can match the strength and warmth of halogens and due to their high efficiency, homeowners will be saving money with them within 15 months or less. For those swapping dozens of halogen bulbs, hundreds of pounds could be saved every following year.

LED bulbs can also last far longer than their predecessors with a life-span of 10-15 years. The downlights can last up to 10 times longer than their GU10 halogen counterparts. Another benefit of high efficiency is that LED lights generate much less heat.

Due to advances in technology there are also LED dimmable lights on the market, for instance in the popular 'Haler' range, which allow for further atmospheric effects to be achieved in your home.

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